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Western Theme Party Ideas

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Can not get to a farm? If you can not go to the farm or may not fit your reunion, try wild Themes Western Party. The ideas that we find i...
Can not get to a farm?
If you can not go to the farm or may not fit your reunion, try wild Themes Western Party. The ideas that we find in intended to inspire and guide your planning.

Invitation ideas

Make 8 1/2 "x 11" "You Wanted" poster featuring the family faces on paper Kraft invite members to celebrate the reunion and letters in a manila envelope.


Encouraging ranch hands to come dressed in animal husbandry.

Close the table in an old blanket, gingham print or cow patterned fabric.
Use bandana as place mats and napkins.
Toy sheriff's badge pinned to the pony tail holders make napkin rings mighty good. Or write the name on the badge and is used as a name tag.
Display cowboy hat, toy six gunners or, spittoons, headdress Indian, cowboy boots, toy guns, horseshoes and rope.
Soak the labels off bottles of beer to be used as a candle holder. Create your own beer label bearing the family name.


Get everyone to line dance or square dance caller set.
Put the straw on the back of an open pickup truck and took everyone to the hayride.
Host western song to sing along around the campfire, fireplace or barbecue.
Set the rousing game of horseshoes. For the indoor version, have guests try to throw pretzels on a wooden dowel.


In line with the cowboy hat or bandana gingham napkin to serve corn, taco, or potato chips. Hats also works well for nuts in shells, popcorn, trail mix, pretzels and / or other dry snacks.
A large galvanized wash tub serves as a cooling beverage.
If you are cooking sausages on the grill or in the fireplace, spear them on the branches of dead trees and have everyone baked their own.
Serve sarsaparilla, root beer, lemonade and regular beer in plastic or glass mug or jar bearing the name of the guest worker

Party Gifts / Favors

A sheriff toy star, with a self-adhesive magnetic strip attached to the back, making a hoe-down keepsake decorative and useful.
Say "thank you for coming" with live or artificial plants small cactus in a clay pot.
Send your party posse into the sunset with a jar filled with trail mix, trimmed with strings of licorice.

Themes reunion program binds together
Many reunion choose a theme to show how the party will be decorated while the activities and programs around the theme of their other designs. Georgia Burnette reported Burnett (e) Family Reunion choose a theme, then choose activities to reinforce the theme. Activity always "family focused" and relate to the theme. The Burnett (e) regulations mandate reunion theme and program development. 1997 entitled "Looking for Renewal in the family." This activity is to discuss health education seminars descent and financial planning issues. 1999 theme is "Back to our Roots" featuring a collection of family oral history. 2001 theme is "As We May Collect," focusing on the family archives "Burnette Trunk." Stems are repositories of history or genealogy artifacts, photographs, writings, and poetry family members.
Burnette By-law: "The aim is to facilitate the activities of family members interest and participation. This may include recreation, economy, history, genealogy, health or education activities designed to improve the welfare of family members."

ALLAFFAs celebrate patriotism

Patriotic table in Utley Family Reunion.

The ALAFFFA (acronym of the first letters of the last name in each branch) Family Reunion has a theme every year and 2002 is no exception. In the event of patriotism, which ALAFFA'S decided American red, white and blue will be the theme of their July reunion. Their reunion site and members of the family (age several months and up) are watered red, white and blue.
Patti Breen Homan reported that his theme Breen Family Reunion include diverse ideas. Theme party "feature event." They They had a theme Las Vegas, murder mystery night, a Halloween party and 50s prom. He said the theme is "always fun and, of course, always build some memories."
Phyllis Rowland, Wichita, Kansas, reported that Rowland / Geist / Wilson Family Reunion celebrates "40-something" theme, dressed in 1940. Some members of the men wearing khaki pants and a sailor suit vintage Army bell-bottom, even a wedding dress 40- found an wear. Families enjoy the music sings the 40s and has a male quartet expand the theme. They are old enough to do it tells the story of how they remember the 40s, when life is "simple."
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