Sunday, January 1, 2017

Serendipity is looking for a needle in a haystack...
and finding the farmer's son.
-Julius Comroe, Jr.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

hey! hey! come see...come see!!!

Welcome to my blog!
I feel like I need to add this header just above
the most beautiful picture of a PERFECT marriage, {see next post}
so that you understand how to navigate your way through it!

{When I first started I was only going to feature weddings that I've decorated and let this blog serve as a vehicle for my Bride2B to see what I have and my flavor. Now I see a need to add some of my fave vendors/venues in our area, some hints 'n tips to making your planning easier, some of my fave food ideas, etc., etc.,...quite honestly - anything I come across that I think will make it easier and CUTER for my brides, I hope to post it.
And, of course, I'll post all the weddings I design, too! }
{wink! wink!}
You have two options to look through this blog...the quick way would be to look up under the chandelier heading where you'll see "HOME" "FAVE VENDORS" "REAL WEDDINGS/RECEPTIONS" & "LINENS" & click on what you're looking for...or sit down and stay awhile and check out my blog ...I've had a super fun time creating it!


There is important, pertinent information to new brides in the first few blog posts...  they are permanent where they are.


Someone let me know that they're having a difficult time navigating through my blog because it looks like it never gets updated.  It does get updated quite frequently, but when I send a new bride to my blog, she needs to know the stuff to actually MAKE her wedding happen prior to her hiring me to help make her dreams come true... ;)

Congratulations your Engaged!...Now what???

You’ve dreamed about the day
he would propose.
You knew you would say yes!
You’re thrilled, the ring is beautiful, and it's time…
time to start planning!
For some brides-to-be, planning is an exciting next step.
For others, the thought can be a bit overwhelming.

So, to get you started off right, I've searched some of my fave sites and pulled together some of my favorite planning resources from around the web:
Getting started:
*common pitfalls to avoid:
*a guide to wedding lingo:

The details:
*wedding budget worksheet:
*most common overlooked costs:

Fashion & Decor:
*wedding colors:
*everything wedding dress:
*20 ?s to ask your florist:,,bxljqnnz,00.html

Ceremony Planning:
*?s to ask your photographer:
*transportation basics:
*ceremony seating:
*guide to writing wedding vows:

Reception Planning:
*playlist suggestions:
*music basics:
*wedding wine & liquor calculator:
*menu planning:
*reception decor:
*finding your cake style:

After you've visited the above sites,
and you have a general idea of what you're looking for...
don't let yourself get to the "STRESSED OUT"
place of this funny cartoon!!
Call me!
Trust me, you'll want to enjoy EVERY single minute of this time in your life!
Let's plan your perfect day together!

wedding vows...

this is a nutshell.

Who Pays for What??

Wedding Planning, Wedding Decor, Invitations, Marriage License, Bridesmaids, Venue, Photographer, Florist, Videographer, Caterer, Make-up Artist, Hairstylist, Tuxedo Rentals, Travel, Officiant, Honeymoon Planning, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Luncheon, Bartender, Reception...

OMGosh!... that's alot to think about! 
Here's a little checklist to help you figure out who pays for what on to make your big day awesome:
Pre-Wedding Parties
The bride's family covers the first engagement party;
(the groom's side can throw one of its own)
His side pays for the rehearsal dinner.

Each family may throw an engagement party;
(the bride's family can host the first one, if it likes)
anyone can host the rehearsal dinner-even an aunt.

The bride's family pays for every invitation, program and placecard - including the stamps.

The couple can pick up the tab, maybe choosing to DIY the Save-the-Dates or invites to save money.

The bride's parents take care of the music, venue fee, and aisle runner.  The groom covers the marriage license and officiant's fee.

If the wedding is being performed at one family's house of worship, that family covers the ceremony costs.  Otherwise, anyone can pay.

The bride's family pays for the big-ticket items like centerpieces.  The groom's side buys the bride's bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages.

All the flowers are paid for together, by the bride's or groom's side - or even by the couple themselves.

The bride's family pays to document the occassion.

One family pays for the photographer and the other for the videographer.  Or the couple hire the photographer and the families each buy their own prints and albums.

The bride's family picks up the entire tab, including food, drink, decor and music.

The groom's famil covers specifics like liquor or music; the bride's family pays for the rest.  Better:  Everyone pitches in according to what they want.

Hope that helps!
Happy planning!! ;)

the Marriage License

Where do I go to get a marriage license in the Phoenix-metro area...
{Maricopa County}
and how much does it cost?
Here's a link to the webpage that Maricopa County uses to guide all the 'nearly' newlyweds through:

The fee for a marraige license is $72 payable by cash or check w/a driver's license or bank guarantee card or credit card.  If you're purchasing a license at the Justice Courts, they accept checks, money orders or cashier checks.

A copy of a divorce decree is not required.  No blood test is required.  You'll be required to provide a government issued photo ID such as a driver's license to show proof of age and confirm identity.  You'll receive your marriage license and can be married on the same day you apply for it.  An unused marriage license expires one year from the date of purchase.  Both parties must be present to obtain a marriage license.

For further information call: 602.506.3360 or 602.506.2125

I love to watch the bride & groom at their own receptions! They're so happy! Stealing little glances all night long, nearly inseparable, tiny kisses here and there - and sometimes BIG KISSES! Quite honestly, by the time the party finally gets here, all the fussing and stresss goes out the window and all they can see is each other...isn't that how it's supposed to be?

My advice: there's lots to fuss and worry about...things get in the way and thrown at you all the time, little things turn into big things... remember to focus on each other...this is the happily ever after I'm dreaming of!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tucker Wedding

Ashlee and Marc (Tucker) Johnson Wedding
Holy cutest couple!!!
These two kids have the biggest personalities,
love life in everyway and
squeeze joy out of every single minute of it.
I don't have any doubts a marriage filled
w/love and laughter is exactly what is in order for them.
There's lots of things that
I LOVED about this reception...
the wedding video that we showed in the entry is a must see:
{I wish all wedding videos were like this!} it is!
Well...I'd say more than just your average 'inspiration' piece...
This beauty hung in the middle of the Anthropologie store
at Scottsdale Fashion Square.
It's absolutely stunning, and...
We NEEDED it at this reception. 
The idea was fun, crazy
with a splash of vintage...
We made that 5' chandelier
(both in diameter and height)
in orange, purely out of recycle items!
It was uh!mazing, to say the least -
and actually pretty affordable! 
What a focal point!
I've got some pretty sweet lights myself,
but sometimes a bride wants a false ceiling.
I've got the BEST lighting guys that I work with...
we hired one of them to put a light canopy up from the
ceiling w/the chandelier in the middle. 
We added the orange & white striped fabric in between
 some of the market street bulbs to add even more drama! 
It was sooo fun!
The picture seriously
DOES NOT do this party justice! 
People lingered well after the party
closing time because it was just that fun!
The bride's mom had these beautiful pictures
(cut into 4 canvas')
of the Mesa LDS temple that she wanted displayed. 
We hung them from vintage doors at angle
so that they eye could see the pictures in their entirety. 
This helped to transform the foyer of the church building.
There was a few fun things for guests at this party!
FIND the gnome. 
Guests were invited to 'find the gnome' inside the reception,
take a pic, instagram it to a wedding
#hashtag that the B&G chose and then hide it again. 
People were looking for this funny creature all over the place
and after all the pictures were printed
from the instagram page, they served as fun thank you's! 
There were several things at the entry that made
this party so personal to the B&G. 
I loved it!
The receiving line area. 
I'm pretty excited about this NEW backdrop!
{A dash of hot pink never hurt anyone!}
Loved all the color...
and the patterns, people were definitely décor stimulated.
Her cake and drink station.
Her food table was massive!
She had nearly 500 people at this party...
it needed to be!
The Bride's mom took care of the centerpieces...
another shot of a fun color --and the table linens.
I don't usually have all the tables the same let alone all the centerpieces, but...
there was enough going on, we didn't need to add more drama.
Thank you Ashlee & Mark
for letting me share your beautiful day!
It was absolutely my pleasure!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dangerfield Wedding - May, 2013

Dangerfield Backyard Wedding...
Beautiful couple! 
They met in China... all of her family still lives there.
They made it to the States where they were married in the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temple for eternity.
Her family was able to make the trip out to the wedding... most
spoke very little English.  They were lovely people, the bride was
stunning and the backyard was decorated in a
rich, traditional Chinese color pallet:  Gold, Red, Black and White.
The food table was do not do it justice!
We made a banner that spelled out HAPPINESS in Chinese...
{the cake matched the banner}
We also made a couple hundred red origami birds that we
hung from gold branches that were used as décor throughout the space...
they proved to be a huge focale point at this wedding. 

The food was a mix of American & Chinese foods...
and because of the heat, we made sure there was plenty of
 tasty, cool and refreshing fruit. 
Guests enjoyed food their food using chopsticks
with a fortune cookie as a wedding favor, of course!

I loved how we used simple, but definitely NOT understated Orchids in all of their arrangements.  Chinese culture is usually quite simple, not cluttered and has uses earthly elements - her floral arrangements were amazing...and respected the bride's culture.

Happiness :)

Guest table linens: 
table look #1 --beautiful gold damask with a short
orchid floral arrangement, which included long pieces of grass & rocks. 
The light reflected subtly off of these linens,
and were just stunning as the sun went down.
table look #2 --classic black with a tall orchid

A dance floor was situated in front of the guest tables. 
The Bride & Groom sang to each other intermittently as a
four-piece band played throughout the night. 
The dance floor was never this empty... all night long!

The lighting for this party was my lighting...
when the sun sets it's awesome! 
Market street bulbs overhead and red, white and gold
Chinese lanterns adorned the strands. 
It was some kind of magic for an amazing couple
to start their lives out under...
and for the two families to become one! 

Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! 
Loved getting to know you all
and experiencing your culture & beautiful wedding!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

O'Gaffney Wedding...September, 2012

Where to start with this wedding?!
I got a call from the sweetest mom ever in need of some help...
I invited her over for a consult --
we clicked as friends, and we planned a wedding!

Ashley was soo fun to work with!
They had some ideas of their own, and we sprinkled some
of them throughout the centerpieces.
{Make sure you check out her homemade bouquet...
a fun, sentimental keepsake that will make you smile!}

I included this photo for two reasons...
1) can you see the volkswagon van?
Yes, it's a made out of LEGOS by her cute baby sister...
who wanted to give her something!  

And, 2) check out her honeymoon fund jar!  

Guests were given cards to write 
so sweet!
Ashley & Jeremy 
favors were dipped pretzels...
{I took 2! lol}

 ...and here it is!
Her bouquet!
She spent quite a lot of time making this!  
It's antique brooches...
some family heirlooms...
all have some significance in her life!
We made an "I SPY" card for people to 'spy' all the the brooches
that mean something to her...
{insert happy heart here}
Her 'guestbook' was NOT your average guestbook, either!
She found this canvas that says 'ASHLEY & JEREMY' all over it!
Fun, crazy...and a lover of music! 
{they're both studying music at school right now}
Guests used metallic sharpies to sign their names...
it will be a great piece of art for their new home!
Sweetheart table.
A family friend made the centerpiece
for her... candles with sheet music.

 Her colors were a pale/lemon yellow, coral and turquoise...
She made her mason jars with tea-stained doillies 
and old-fashioned buttons---

Her cake station...
My darling Melia Mason never disappoints 
w/beautiful {and tasty!} cakes for my brides!
I was thrilled to use my old cake boxes for the display!

 Her drink station was water...
and old bottles filled with milk...
sure to soothe your thirst after visiting a 
fully-stocked cookie bar!
Cookies were made by family friends w/age-old recipes.  
Each one was delicious in it's own right...but I took some of each!

We dressed the jars to match the theme!
Fun napkins... details matter ;)

Thank you, Ginger O'Gaffney 
for becoming my friend
and letting me help with Ashley's wedding!
{I wish I had a picture of your sassy converse that you all wore!}