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How to Make Cheap paper plates

Posted by: Ido Parties Team Updated at : 3:54 PM
How to Make Cheap paper plates ? Lets we do. Start by quantity of cheap paper plates, the kind with a scalloped edge. The outer edges of ...
How to Make Cheap paper plates
How to Make Cheap paper plates ? Lets we do. Start by quantity of cheap paper plates, the kind with a scalloped edge. The outer edges of the entire plate will form a band that goes around the child's head. Middle of the plate will be colored, drawn on, or decorated

Start by simply cutting the headband, leaving the interior of the circular plate flipped up to decorate. Simply sticking to the images related to the theme of your party. It could be a picture of Barbie, a race car, or
up. It's easy to copy the images you find on the internet, or in children's coloring books, and let the kids color them.

easy paper plate hat design is another form of heart. Fold the plate in half and draw half a heart on it. Keep plate folded and cut around the heart, leaving it connected to the toothed band. Then just open the plate and bend the heart up. The same method can be used to make a birthday cake hat pop-ups, hats fortress, choo-choo train hat, cap cat cats, you name it! Design with symmetry work best.

Try cutting across the inside of the plate, and simply glue or staple on bits of tulle, ribbon, tape or anything around the edges. This works well for Easter hat or fancy dress-up party hat.

Another option is to cut the inner circle of the paper plate. Principal bowl paper into the paper plate. Garnish with silk flowers, fabric, tulle, felt, ribbon, markers. Add
ribbon or light elastic to opposite sides of the plate to secure the head.

You can even take a paper plate intact, and decorate with a daisy, sunflower, sun, or design beetle. Paint the plate in the desired color and let dry. Cut the flower petals, sun, or ladybug spots in the right color and let the kids build a design of their choice. As usual, run the ribbon tied through holes on both sides of the plate to hold the "cap" on.

Paper Plate Crown

Place a 9-inch plate on a paper plate 10 3/4 inches and trace around it. Divide the 9 inch circle on the paper plate larger into 8 equal parts, like a cake. Start in the center and cut along each line 3 inches. Bend triangular shape up
like a crown. Paint and decorate with glitter or foil cut-outs.

Paper Plates Visor

Make a visor hat by cutting the center of the paper plate to make a band to fit on the child's head. Then cut the round plate center into a half-circle and staple for the band. Garnish as desired.

paper plates not only to eat! Use these ideas to create a one-of-a-kind children's party hats for a children's party you next.

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