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Pro dan kontra full day school bahasa inggris "These 10 Facts Pro-Con Full Day School Program"

Posted by: Ido Parties Team Updated at : 2:43 AM
Pro dan kontra full day school bahasa inggris theme  "These 10 Facts Pro-Con Full Day School Program" New discourse in the las...
Pro dan kontra full day school bahasa inggris theme "These 10 Facts Pro-Con Full Day School Program"

New discourse in the last few days, full day schooling is immediately the topic of controversy in society. Especially for education stakeholders.

This is very natural. Something new, though new, is always the talk. Comments come from everywhere, from heads of regions to educational institutions.

Well, what makes school all day busy talking about? Here are some concerns and optimism associated with the program of Education Minister Muhadhir Effendy:

1. Full-time students Students are afraid of stress

A long time span in school in a full day school program is feared will make the elementary and junior high school students who became the target of this program to be saturated with stress.

2. Students tend to be short on time with their parents

For too long in school, for nearly 8 hours, it is feared will reduce the time students with their parents. They will interact more with others at school.

3. It will make parents lose responsibility

During this time, the success of students at school is always left to the teacher. In fact, parents have a big role for the success of his son. With a full day school program, where students will spend more time in school, will make parents more unaware of their duties and responsibilities.

4. Not all schools have adequate facilities
The purpose of a full day school program is to keep the children in check as long as they are not near their parents. So they have to go to school as long as their parents are in the office.

However, this condition will not run smoothly, if the school does not have enough facilities, make students feel at home in school. At least there is a budget required to meet the needs of students during their stay in school after the study period. Play facilities or training for specific activities need to be held.

5. Implementation can not apply the same

Given the social conditions of people in urban and rural areas is very different, then the full school day program can not be applied in all areas. Maybe if in town, this program can run. But if in the village, parents do not work much outside the home while working in an office in the city.

6. Full day school is very old
The advantage of this program is that parents do not have to worry about their children while working in the office, because the child is in supervision school. On the other hand, they will not be disturbed by child pickups during kator hours.

7. Time after hour can be used for positive activity
While at school after school, students will be given extra curricular activities, such as reading, fun sports and giving local wisdom, love of literature and culture.

8. Students will have plenty of time with their parents during the holidays

This full-day school policy will make schooling time reduced. Students will have two-day libido time, Saturday and Sunday. That way, they will have plenty of time with parents during the holidays.

9. Will avoid congestion in the city
One of the jammed hours in big cities like Jakarta is the time to pick up and deliver school children. If a full day school program is implemented, a minimum of student pickup during the day will be eliminated. That is, during the day, starting from 11 to 14 will not happen jammed due to the return of school children.

10. This program can work, because it has been practiced

Actually, the Minister of Education Muhadjir Effendi was inspired by the imposition of school fulsa system from private schools in Jakarta and other big cities. So this program is believed to be running.

However, since Ganjar Pranowo, the Governor of Central Java, there needs to be a review of the Conflict before the policy is implemented in public schools. In addition, pilot projects to be evaluated for good impact are also required.