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Some Important Things Don't Forget When Planning your Wedding

Posted by: Ido Parties Team Updated at : 9:50 AM
As all married people will already know, planning a wedding can take a lot out of you. After months and months of making arrangements an...
As all married people will already know, planning a wedding can take a lot out of you. After months and months of making arrangements and spending most of your waking life in specialist shops or on the telephone, some people find their memory begins to slip, and they subsequently begin to overlook certain aspects of their planning. With that in mind, this article has been designed as a sort of pre-wedding checklist that you should definitely use a couple of days before you get married. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been able to include everything, but I believe all the basics are covered.

So long as you don’t forget any of the six things I’m about to mention, you should be free to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Just make sure you add to this list if you’re planning a large or unusual wedding because there will be many more things you may have overlooked.

1 – The Dress

Imagine waking up on your wedding morning with the realisation that your dress was never collected from the shop. It’s pretty safe to assume you’d have to call everyone to their battle stations and start panicking. Of course, most of you reading this wouldn’t do anything that silly, but there’s always one isn’t there.

2 – The Invitations

Turing up to the church in a limousine or Rolls Royce should be one of the proudest and most memorable moments of a ladies life, but it could be completely ruined if you failed to send out the invitations and so there’s nobody there to greet you. To avoid this, just make sure you send them out a few months before the big day. This also gives people enough time to dig out their posh clothes.

3 – The Reception

You’ll need to book a room for your reception that is definitely large enough for the amount of guests you’re expecting, but most people manage this without too much trouble. However, many fail to confirm dates with their entertainment, and as wedding music bands are so incredibly popular, you’d have a hard time finding a replacement at the last minute.
4 – The Rings

We’ve all seen the TV programs where the priest asks for the rings only to find the best man turns out his pockets and looks bemused. Well, this is obviously the last thing you want to happen, and so ensuring yours are placed somewhere safe (preferable locked away) until an hour or so before you leave home on the wedding day is a good idea.

5 – The Flowers

No wedding would be complete without expensive flower arrangements, and so it’s vital you find a suitable company or individual trader and let them know in advance exactly what you require. Flowers don’t stay fresh for long, so whoever you use will have to do the work on the morning of your wedding. You won’t have time to give them guidance, so make sure this is prearranged.

6 – The Honeymoon

As this is supposed to be one of the most important holidays in your life, it’s probably a good idea to avoid booking your honeymoon in tourist trap locations like Benidorm. Instead, try to find somewhere truly luxurious and romantic. Also, ensure both of your passports are in date because this can cause significant issues when you reach the airport.

Well folks, presuming you’ve ticked off everything on this list, you should be ready to have the perfect wedding. I wish you the best of luck in your new partnership, and I hope you’ll stay together forever.

See you when you get back!

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